The Filter


We recognise that learning often falls behind other more immediate priorities – especially at work. To combat this, we personalise our Microsoft and Business courses using algorithm enabled technology to serve you the modules you need to learn. This allows you to maximise your education time and accelerate your knowledge.

Using Filtered technology our platform ensures more valuable skills are covered, takes less time to complete and delivers loads more value.

  • Answer the questions on the filter as honestly as you can. These are a mix of competency and test questions.
  • The filter works it’s magic and compares the profile it has built of you to the thousands of other users.
  • Based on what they found useful we create a unique pathway through the course. It’s completely tailored to you and based on billions of data points we have collected.

Algorithms are now a part of life. They are everywhere making our experiences more personal. From Netflix recommending which show to watch next, to Amazon recommending what you should buy next. We have applied this logic to learning as well.

  • The filter takes under 10 minutes and can save hours – on average we reduce our learners’ training workload by 30%.
  • Learners using a filter show 26% more improvement than those who don’t.
  • The Filter gives a baseline score (works like an IQ), which you can demonstrate progress against by taking your final exam when you complete your course.
  • The Filtered approach and technology has won awards.