Ultimate Microsoft Office

$349.00 / year


Increase your earning potential by unlocking the power of Microsoft Office. 

Stay ahead of the curve and gain the edge in your career by conquering Microsoft Office with this 7-course bundle. Sharpening your skills with our Microsoft Office training could save you hours and improve your productivity ten-fold.

Why Microsoft Office matters:

Master Microsoft Office and you will be free to produce your most significant work yet.

Exploit the full functionality of the Office suite, boost your credibility and confidence to be able to do exactly what you want to do in Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Sharepoint and Outlook.

What you get with this Ultimate Microsoft Excel Bootcamp package:

  • 7 business-focused Microsoft Office courses
  • 540+ modules of training, covering the most business-relevant areas of Microsoft Excel.
  • 190+ videos and over 130 downloadable exercises.
  • Tailored learning. If you have some knowledge, you can use the filter to show only what you most need to learn.
  • Multiple videos, practice exercises and test questions to aid your learning.
  • Knowledge to understand the data that drives your business.

The courses this bundle will cover:

Microsoft Excel (Now Includes 2019):

  • How Excel works, how to navigate and design a spreadsheet
  • The most popular formulas including IF, VLOOKUP, COUNT, SUM, SUMIF
  • To use PivotTables, Pivot Charts and Basic Macros
  • To create beautiful looking graphs and charts
  • Formatting, including; conditional, cell and number formatting
  • How to print what you want

Microsoft Excel is available in versions: 2003 PC, 2007 PC, 2010 PC, 2016 PC, 2013 PC, 2019 PC, 2011 MAC, 2016 MAC

Advanced Microsoft Excel (Now Includes 2019 Version):

  • Use advanced graphs in minutes instead of wasting hours trying to figure them out
  • Increase interactivity by automating your spreadsheets with macros and VBA
  • Solve complex problems with superpower functions
  • Turn raw data into ‘must make’ decisions using PivotTables and PowerPivots.
  • And more!

Advanced Microsoft Excel is available in versions: 2007 PC, 2010 PC, 2013 PC, 2016 PC,  2019 PC

Microsoft PivotTable:

  • The primary uses of pivot tables
  • How to identify the best and worst data sets
  • To filter, sort and group PivotTable™ data to maximise its usefulness
  • How to present your data clearly using PivotCharts and Conditional Formatting

PivotTable is available in versions: 2007 PC, 2010 PC, 2013 PC

Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • Tips and shortcuts to improve your PowerPoint speed and efficiency
  • About using text boxes, shapes, images and drawing tools
  • How to create excellent transitions and animations
  • To customise and format PowerPoint to your taste
  • How to make a presentation flow using charts, graphs and tables

PowerPoint is available in versions: 2007/10, 2013, 2016 PC

Microsoft Word:

  • How to automate tasks in Word and using Macros
  • Paragraph and Font formatting Using Tables, Graphs, Schedules, Images and Graphics
  • How to use Mail Merge
  • About working collaboratively in Word
  • To Customise Word to your needs
  • How to cope with long documents

Word is available in versions: 2007/2010, 2016 PC

Microsoft SharePoint:

  • About SharePoint structure, architecture and navigation
  • The different levels of SharePoint access
  • How to use SharePoint libraries, lists and organise and manage documents
  • About using SharePoint in teams and workflows for business processes
  • How to use SharePoint Business Intelligence and using SharePoint with Excel

Microsoft Outlook:

  • To customise the Outlook interface
  • How to compose and send emails that create the right impression
  • To use Outlook to automate email management and monotonous tasks
  • To manage appointments, meetings and tasks in your calendar
  • How to prevent a build-up of junk mail and improve your productivity

More about us:

  • Formed in 2009, EwB was created to solve a problem close to our founders hearts – ineffective Microsoft Excel training.
  • We have nearly 1 million students in total, 95k+ of those have had MS Excel training with us.
  • Our training is personal. If you have used Microsoft before you can use the filter to show you which parts of the course to skip.
  • All of our courses are certificated on completion – Most of our Microsoft Courses are also CPD Accredited.
  • Our platform is award-winning and improving all the time.
  • We have an in-house expert, Deborah is a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).

If you are not 100% happy with your EwB Ultimate Microsoft Office package, you have 30 days to exchange or refund.