Ultimate Career Bundle

$414.00 / year


Learn key skills that every modern day office worker needs for a successful career

Do you ever feel uncertain, out of your depth or confused at work? It’s likely you’re simply missing some of the key skills to be successful in the 21st Century workplace. The great news is all these skills can be learnt and they are the pathway to your promotion.

This 6-course bundle is aimed squarely at the modern worker and is perfect for anyone who is actively looking for employment, a promotion, or a career change.

What you get with this Ultimate Career Bundle:

  • 6 skills based, practical business courses to help accelerate your career.
  • 350+ modules of training, covering the most business-relevant areas of Microsoft Excel and Business Management.
  • Tailored learning. If you have some knowledge, you can use the filter to show only what you most need to learn.
  • Multiple videos, practice exercises and test questions to aid your learning.
  • Knowledge to understand the data that drives your business.

The courses this bundle will cover:

Microsoft Excel:

  • How Excel works, how to navigate and design a spreadsheet
  • The most popular formulas including IF, VLOOKUP, COUNT, SUM, SUMIF
  • To use PivotTables, Pivot Charts and Basic Macros
  • To create beautiful looking graphs and charts
  • Formatting, including; conditional, cell and number formatting
  • How to print what you want

Microsoft Excel is available in versions: 2003 PC, 2007 PC, 2010 PC, 2016 PC, 2013 PC, 2011 MAC, 2016 MAC

Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • Tips and shortcuts to improve your PowerPoint speed and efficiency
  • About using text boxes, shapes, images and drawing tools
  • How to create excellent transitions and animations
  • To customise and format PowerPoint to your taste
  • How to make a presentation flow using charts, graphs and tables

PowerPoint is available in versions: 2007/10, 2013, 2016 PC

Business Analysis:

  • How to turn buckets of data into sound business decisions
  • Financial modelling theory
  • Essential Excel analysis techniques such as Dynamic Ranges, and Advanced Charts
  • How to effectively and clearly present your findings to relevant stakeholders
  • Different forecasting techniques, including Moving Averages and Regression

Introduction To Leadership & Management – ILM:

  • The most effective way to communicate as a manager
  • How to train and develop your team, personally and professionally
  • How to benchmark and audit performance to ensure continued performance
  • Master the core principles of people and performance management.
  • Business planning, decision making and how to lead in person or virtually
  • Developing your own leadership style

Strategy & Business Models:

  • How strategy has changed in the 21st Century and what that means for your business
  • How to recognise, develop and execute a successful strategy using business model frameworks
  • How to identify the drivers of strategy formulation using Megatrend Analysis
  • To adopt a dynamic and agile approach to deal with continuous change

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving:

  • The core concepts of critical thinking and how they relate to business
  • How to solve problems using comprehensive but straightforward frameworks
  • How to gather supporting data in a time-efficient manner
  • To compare different solutions that seem incomparable

More about us:

  • We have nearly a million students
  • Our training is personal. Use the filter to show you which parts of the course to skip.
  • Our platform is award-winning and always improving. We work with our authors to ensure our courses are up to date.
  • All of our courses are certificated on completion – most of our Business Courses are also CPD Accredited.

If you are not 100% happy with your EwB Ultimate Career Bundle, you have 30 days to exchange or refund.