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Imagine being trained in Microsoft, by Microsoft. Sounds impressive, right?

Deb Ashby was not just employed by Microsoft though. She trained Microsoft employees in their own software. And now she’s here to teach you.

World-class author Simon Hurst joins her. Between them, they share over 40 years of Microsoft training.

And we all know Microsoft is a must know tool for any individual. Becoming a little better will save you hours and supercharge your productivity, giving you a competitive advantage in your career.

This week, you have the rare opportunity to pay once and get unlimited access to 23 CPD accredited Microsoft courses. You’ll receive certificates of completion for every course, too!

Why Microsoft Office matters:

Exploit the full functionality of the Office suite, boost your credibility and confidence to be able to do what you want in Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Sharepoint and Outlook and a host of others.

What you get with our Microsoft Category Access:

  • 23 business-focused Microsoft Office courses
  • 198 hours and 1,245+ modules of training (videos, practice exercises and test questions)
  • 760+ videos and over 270 downloadable exercises

Only learn what you want. If at any given point, you’re stuck on something specific, you can use our Filtering technology to receive personalised learning paths.

The courses this bundle will cover:


This product also includes future course improvements and we’ve recently updated the following courses to include new 2019 features:

Excel | Advanced Excel | PowerPoint | Word | Outlook

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If you are not 100% happy with your EwB Microsoft Category Access package, you have 30 days to exchange or refund.