Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

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Making better decisions within an organisation is crucial to getting the best results.

Critical thinking, in its simplest form, is the application of a logical structure and logical thinking to an argument. It’s a skill that can be picked up and practised at all levels of business and not just reserved for senior managers and MBA’s.

In a complex organisational environment with competing interests and limited resources, effective decision-making can become a significant challenge. On completing this course, you will have the skills to overcome that challenge.

By applying a simple and structured approach to problem-solving, new options will become clear. When identifying potential solutions, thinking critically provides the tools to determine the correct solution for each situation, leaving a clear ‘best’ decision.

Start your critical thinking journey today and solve the most pressing problems in your company.

In this course you will learn:

  • The core concepts of critical thinking and how they relate to business
  • How to solve problems using comprehensive but straightforward frameworks
  • How to gather supporting data in a time-efficient manner
  • To compare different solutions that seem incomparable

Sample content:

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About the author:

Cathy Presland is a former economist and advisor to Governments internationally. She has designed and led global anti-poverty initiatives and negotiated EU regulations on behalf of the UK government.

She now trains and mentors other experts who want to share their experience and ideas, particularly those who want to write and publish ‘how-to’ books.

She has an MPhil in Economics, is a highly-regarded speaker, and partners with top-quality training providers to teach thousands of entrepreneurs, professionals and learners how to think strategically about their work and businesses, as well as how to make better decisions and how to share their expertise through writing.


There is currently no public syllabus for this course.