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Excel with Business

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Microsoft Excel Online Training for Companies

COMPETITIVE PRICING. For example, £40/year per trainee for 50 employees.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY. We ask each individual a few simple questions, then filter out what they don't need for their job - avoiding wasted time and effort.

FREE ONE WEEK TRIAL. Sign up now and enjoy unlimited access for a full week. See for yourself that we can meet your company's training needs.

Excel 2003, 2007/10 & 2013

"I am finding the training very beneficial. I especially like the questions at the beginning which find out your level of knowledge of Excel and what you hope to achieve. "
Kat Williams, Thomas Westcott

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"10 Excel Productivity Tips"

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How does our online training work?


Simple questions filter out anything your staff don't need or already know.


Your team focuses entirely on what’s most relevant to your company, learning from a blend of text, videos and exercises written by subject experts.


Testing throughout the course ensures proficiency is achieved quickly and efficiently, helping you boost productivity sooner.


From the Excel Ribbon to PivotTables, Macros and must know Formulas, learn 10 of the most important Excel features with our free e-book and help your business become more productive.

Download our e-book '10 Excel Productivity Tips' + Get a one week free trial

One week free trial

Identify an area of your business in need of training.

Enjoy full access to training materials for one week, focused on closing those gaps.

Access real-time, in-depth data on how each member of staff is progressing.

Download our e-book '10 Excel Productivity Tips' + Get a one week free trial

The platform

For Managers

  • The company dashboard monitors all employees’ progress throughout the course, showing you their target IQ levels and modules completed.
  • You can customize the course based on the company objectives.

For Staff

  • Trainees have 24/7 access to learning techniques, videos and exercises.
  • Side toolbar to navigate easily through the course and focus on what’s relevant.
  • All our courses are CPD certified – perfect for your CV or your next appraisal
What we can do for you

Microsoft Excel Online Courses

Excel 2003, 2007/10 & 2013

Our course is divided into 6 sections, for a total of 38 units. The units are themselves broken down into bite-sized modules.

In addition to Microsoft Excel, we also train businesses in PowerPoint and Word.

Our courses are CPD certified – Continuing Personal or Professional Development. The CPD Certification Service is the independent body operating across all market sectors and in support of all professional institutions, bodies and societies. Its certified CPD 'quality mark' is a recognised symbol of quality assured training.

Download our e-book '10 Excel Productivity Tips' + Get a one week free trial
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Download our e-book '10 Excel Productivity Tips' + Get a one week free trial

Companies that use our training