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7th December 2016
Excel Advanced Formulas and Functions with Deborah Ashby



23rd November 2016
Excel Hacks to Boost Accuracy and Productivity - with Todd Brannon



9th November 2016
How to Learn HTML/CSS with Chris Misterek



28th September 2016
Top 10 Excel Formulas You Need to Know with Deb Ashby



7th September 2016
How to Make Better Business Decisions



24th August 2016
Wellbeing for Energy - with Ruth Tongue



10th August 2016
Financial Reports & Decision Making




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3rd August 2016
7 Ways to Promote Your Business on Facebook - with Chris Kyriacou




27th July 2016
Managing Outlook Email - with Deb Ashby




21st July 2016
Better Business Writing - with Andreas Louizou



22nd June 2016
Copywriting: How To Create Customer Profiles for Successful Marketing Campaigns - with Doru Catana




18th May 2016
Introduction to Excel - with Deborah Ashby




13th April 2016
10 Tips for making your company more visible on social media - with Chris Kyriacou


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3rd February 2016
VLOOKUP – Excel’s most dangerous function and how to avoid it



VLOOKUP is one of Excel's most popular functions and many see its use as the mark of an Excel expert. However, VLOOKUP hides a dark secret that can lead to financial disaster and reputational catastrophe.

Find out what can go wrong, how to stop it going wrong and how to use Match and Index to do more than VLOOKUP could even dream of. Then find out how to avoid lookups altogether.

Download the worksheet

(The speed test exercise has been removed because of file size issues)


12th August 2015
Master Advanced Excel Techniques - with Simon Hurst



Watch this this free webinar and learn Excel's advanced features that will turn your spreadsheets into magic! Simon Hurst, Excel guru and EwB course author, will take you through.


24th June 2015
10 Tips To Outlook Inbox Management with Simon Hurst



Do you often find yourself wasting time at work and at home being distracted by your email inbox? Want to find a way to streamline the way you manage your time? This FREE webinar, led by our Outlook course author Simon Hurst, will show you how to avoid junk, make the most of flags, categories, alerts and much more.


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