About Us

Excel with Business was created in 2009 when founders Marc, Vin and Chris decided there was a more effective way to teach Excel in business. Training at the time was generally taught from the point of view of software functionality rather than from what staff need to solve their problems at work. Marc, Vin and Chris decided they could solve this problem by creating an online course that:

1. Only taught the Excel functions that people really use in business.

2. Asked a set of questions at the outset to determine exactly what each individual needs to learn – we call this the course diagnostic.

The Excel course took off and since then EwB has created 20 courses covering essential business disciplines such as Web Design, Accounting and Business Analysis, as well as leisure and hobby courses such as Photography, Chess and DIY.

Every EwB course is written by a subject matter expert and follows the same principle of just teaching what you really need to know.

The EwB Team


Adam Lacey

Adam joined EwB in October 2012 and has the easy job of selling EwB’s high quality courses. He graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in European Politics and joined London-based car club Streetcar shortly after where he worked for 3 years. Adam is a keen tennis player, enjoys bad puns – as do we, so he can breathe easily at Exhale with Business.

Alex Trica

Alex has a degree in Computer Science and graduated as a Software Engineerback in 2011. Since then he has worked for two big companies in Bucharest, in both Telecommunications and Web Advertising, whilst in his free time developing mobile apps. His specialisms lie within algorithms, data structures and networking - basically ‘talking to the machine’. Alex reads a lot, mainly fantasy/SCI-FI and tech mags, he’s a bit of a gamer, especially when it comes to FIFA.

Benedict Laycock

Having worked with Ben at Zipcar, Adam couldn’t stand being apart from him any longer and asked him to help spread the Excel love with offers of coffee on demand. Ben joined the EwB sales team in March 2013 and hasn’t looked back since, although he has been somewhat surprised by the lack of coffee. Perhaps due to the heavy losses Adam suffers at his hands on the squash court?

Brian Thai

Brian is a front-end developer from Canada adding to our growing transatlantic team. When he’s not translating between English and Code, he is looking for slopes with the next dump of snow. A big heart with big dreams, he always aims for gold in work and in Archery. Enthused by the Superheroes around us, you will definitely see him fighting for equality.

Chris Littlewood PhD

Chris's first experience of Microsoft applications was as a PhD student, conducting particle physics experiments in Geneva. Since then he's worked in strategy and rail industry financial planning. From corporates to the public sector, he's found the same simple skills to be key to the presentation of research and analysis. Chris is in charge of the on-going improvement of our courses.

Inga Brown

Inga is part of our Content team she designs, edits, builds courses and all that sizzle. Inga was born and raised in Germany and studied Art & Design in the mountainous region of Northern Italy. Previously she worked as a Junior Packing Designer going back to her roots working for a German agency in South London designing some meaty sausage packets.

Juan D'Achiardi

Juan joined us from... well, basically all over the place. In fact, he has lived in five countries over the past seven years. Not only did he dedicate his time abroad to trying all of the local dishes, he also learned the respective languages. He brings more than six years of customer service experience to the company along with a healthy mix of energy and wit. In his free time Juan likes learning new songs on the guitar and pondering which language he will conquer next.

Marc Zao-Sanders

Marc started his career in strategy. He then applied the skills learnt there to a number of small businesses including Pure Potential and accessprofessions.com. Over the course of this period he began to realise the shortage of basic business skills in the work place and wanted to do something about it. And so the idea of Excel with Business was born in 2007. Marc is now EwB's managing director.

Matilde Castanheira

Matilde is one of the few in the company with a PhD, she decided on particle physics! She thoroughly enjoys analysing millions of data to produce the most interesting results but she is anything but dull. She also enjoys travelling and dancing Argentinian tango, coordinating pink stuff and most of all, travelling to dance tango in my pink shoes. Matilde’s role in EwB is to analyse all of our data to further improve the algorithm that selects which modules the particular user might need.

Meesh Nah

Meesh is the Course Manager, she joined EwB at the end of 2012 having decided to venture into pastures new outside of the dance music industry. Outside of work hours, Meesh can usually be located somewhere in East London, sometimes with a camera in one hand.

Natalia D'Achiardi

Natalia joined the company in July 2015, having previously worked in the Perfume shop part-time while studying for a degree in Digital Media at the University of Westminster. She moved to the UK from her native Colombia 12 years ago and is fluent in both Spanish and English. Before the Perfume Shop she worked for Hispanic radio station Aculco Radio, working her way up from an internship. In her spare time she enjoys cracking rubiks cubes and loves the cinema, this being the main reason she studied digital media at uni.

Paolo Lenotti

Continuing the Mediterranean theme, Paolo hails from Verona, Italy. He joined us in June 2013 as Marketing Director, after working at Guardian News & Media. He’s a marketing maestro with a knack for numbers, and dreams of becoming the next Jack Donaghy.

Punit Shah

Punit joined EwB at an exciting time of expansion in 2012 with responsibility for finance and operations. Like Ben, he has a degree in mathematics and they frequently argue about which of them loves Pi more. With a ACCA professional qualification, Punit brings a variety of experiences from working at an accountancy practice in London where he initially started his career. He enjoys playing sports, reading books, and of course, creating spreadsheets.

Vinit Patel

Vinit joined Marc and Chris (Littlewood) shortly after EwB's inception and before he had even completed his Economics degree from UCL. Vin has had a massive impact on every aspect of the business, bringing a wealth of business experience from Bank of Scotland and Deloitte. Vinit is now in charge of finance and operations here. When he's not working Vin likes to run very long distances for charity.