Our Mini MBA takes the best of practical and theoretical business insights to help you understand the business world. Through learning about people, performance, marketing, strategy and finance you will become an effective and skilled professional, acquiring key skills in a short space of time.

7 Practical Courses

The Mini MBA is ideal for anyone looking to progress their business career. The Mini MBA is a great introduction to those considering a full MBA and will equip you with essential business skills. However, it is not a formal qualification.
Learn how to manage your project effectively in this course. We teach you how to prepare and plan your project; how to manage your team, resources and budget; and the steps required to successfully close your project.
Learn to collect, analyse and forecast business and financial data to generate valuable insights from business data. The course will also teach you how to report on business data and present information and analysis to clients and stakeholders.
Communication, influence and teamwork are at the very heart of business life. This course teaches you how to cultivate these skills and ensure that they maximise their professional value.
This course provides the insights and practical steps you need to lead and manage your team with true professionalism. Topics we'll cover include: delivering stability and growth; managing staff performance; and developing your own effective style.
In our frantic, numbers-driven world, the importance of clear writing is often over-looked. This course gives you the tools and techniques to improve your writing, whether it's a two-line email or a two-hundred-page report.
Whether working in a small or large organisation, it is vital that you make the most of the available financial resources to achieve success in business. This course is aimed at providing you the skills to excel financially and thus managerially.
This course is designed to equip professionals, entrepreneurs and established business owners with the ability to analyse, improve and create new business models that work and are grounded in 21st century strategic thinking.
We select authors with expertise and experience of training professionals. Our authors are industry experts, academics, authors, face-to-face trainers or online trainers; most often they have a combination of these backgrounds.
Our succinct, bite-sized and business-focussed course materials are designed to deliver the most effective training for you. Each course is made up of modules, manageable learning chunks of text, images, videos and tasks (practice and synoptic).
Most our business courses are CPD accredited. The CPD Certification Service is the independent body operating across all market sectors, and the certified CPD ‘quality mark’ is a recognised symbol of quality assured training.


Dr. Janet Cole Dr. Janet Cole has over 20 years of finance experience. Trained as a chartered accountant, Dr. Cole has worked for a range of firms during her career such as ARRI, Hoechst and Moss Chemists. Dr. Cole has been involved in providing finance and information systems training in her commercial roles and as an Associate Professor at Kingston University where she teaches on Finance, Information Systems and Business Change courses.
Anna Shaw Anna is a Strategy and Innovation Consultant at Lucency, based in Sydney, Australia. She has 20 years experience appraising strategy, finance and business models. Anna's core focus is on training people in all types of businesses (from start ups, new ventures and established firms), how to turn their sensational new growth ideas into value propositions that delight and business models that work.
Brett Topham Brett has over 15 years of experience in contract and project management, and has been a Project Management Professional (PMP®) since 2004. He has worked in a variety of roles in project / program management, procurement, contract management, and portfolio management. Brett has served as the Deputy Account Lead with responsibility for a +$70M (annual) portfolio of U.S. Federal contracts.
Harold Graycar Harold is an experienced executive with a broad background in information technology, business development and general management. His degrees are in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the University of Sydney, Australia. In addition to his numerate and analytic skills, Harold's ability to communicate and work with personnel from non-technical backgrounds makes him a valuable contributor to multi-disciplinary projects, and an effective business trainer.


Our customers include marketers, accountants, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home parents, freelancers, consultants, charity workers, college and university students - anyone who has a need for quick, online training.