Weekly Wellbeing

Weekly Wellbeing covers all of the essential aspects of wellbeing - a healthy diet, physical activity, stress management, and ways to make healthy habits a part of your daily life.

Whether you’re looking to improve your knowledge and go on to study wellbeing in more depth, or simply looking to improve your health, this course is the ideal first step.


Weekly Wellbeing is a video-led course, supported by pratical exercises, journals, and questions to test your understanding:

  • Identify how diet and health affect your general wellbeing
  • Understand the links between nutrition, stress, and exercise
  • Apply your understanding using journals, setting daily goals to improve your wellbeing


Section 1: Introduction


Unit 1.1 - Introduction

Meet the author and discover your Weekly Wellbeing course.

Section 2: Wellbeing Essentials


Unit 2.1 - Nutrition

Identify the links between diet and health, and understand the basics of nutrition.


Unit 2.2 - Exercise

Look at how exercise can improve your wellbeing.


Unit 2.3 - Stress

Understand the link between stress and wellbeing, and learn to be more resilient.

Section 3: The Weekly Guide


Unit 3.1 - The Weekly Guide

Use your weekly guide to pick daily goals and improve your wellbeing.

Section 4: Conclusion


Unit 4.1 - Conclusion

Conclude what you have learned.


Pricing is for 12 months access.


There are no requirements needed to take this course.

Completion Time: 2 hours (average)

About the Author

Ruth Tongue

Ruth Tongue is an MSc qualified nutritionist with a background in Sport and Exercise Science, dance and Pilates. She is also a leading consultant in employee wellness and regularly writes for many international health and fitness publications.