Twitter Marketing For Small Businesses Course

With over 250 million active monthly users and no start-up costs, Twitter is the up-and-coming powerhouse of the online marketing world. It is used by businesses more than most social media sites so successful navigation of the ‘Twittersphere’ can bring huge benefits to your business.

This video based course is simple and easy to follow. It demonstrates actual using Twitter and is suitable for complete beginners or frequent users looking to sharpen their skills.

Upon completion you will have transformed Twitter from a chore into a genuinely enjoyable tool that can generate thousands of networking possibilities and unrivalled exposure.


Through a combination of animated videos, screencasts and written text, the course will teach you how to launch a successful Twitter-marketing campaign by:

  • Creating an account, utilising Twitter’s core functionality and installing powerful apps
  • Creating professional content
  • Assessing and amending your Twitter-marketing strategy using a weekly routine
  • Leveraging the power of real-time marketing
  • Learning from successful businesses through inspiring and realistic case studies
  • Learning how to handle a variety of common marketing-campaign problems


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Course Content

Course Content

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Section 1: Concepts and Strategy


Unit 1.1 - The 6Ws of Twitter Marketing

An introduction to the 6 Ws of Twitter marketing: Why, Who, Where, When, What and How 


Unit 1.2 - Why You Should Be on Twitter as a Business

The reasons all businesses should be on Twitter


Unit 1.3 - Who is on Twitter and What That Means to You

The demographics of Twitter, and how this impacts how you should use Twitter


Unit 1.4 - Where are People When on Twitter?

What mental state are people in when they use Twitter, and what does this mean for how you should use Twitter?


Unit 1.5 - When to Take Action When it Comes to Twitter Marketing

When to start Twitter marketing, when your target audience are on Twitter, when to pitch products and when you will see benefits


Unit 1.6 - What Type of Content Will You Create? (Strategy & Structure)

What type of content to create, and how to organise that content


Unit 1.7 - How to Take Action and Start Implementing

An overview of how the course will teach you to actually use Twitter to apply the 6 Ws theory

Section 2: Hands-on Implementation


Unit 2.1 - Let's Create An Account

How to create a Twitter account


Unit 2.2 - What Can You Do On Twitter, Anyway?

The core functionality of Twitter explained


Unit 2.3 - Being Professional

How to ensure that your Twitter profile and marketing campaign are professional


Unit 2.4 - Creating a Weekly Routine

The importance of weekly reassessments when marketing on Twitter


Unit 2.5 - How to Create Actual Content

The ways in which you can create Twitter content, and some guidelines for doing so


Unit 2.6 - The Most Powerful Twitter Feature

Why real-time marketing is so powerful, and how to harness it

Section 3: Twitter Apps


Unit 3.1 - Recommended Apps For Twitter Marketing

An overview of some of the most valuable Twitter apps available

Section 4: Case Studies From the Real World


Unit 4.1 - Three Small-Business Case Studies in Three Completely Different Industries

Examples of companies who, without huge budgets, have succeeded with Twitter marketing. If they can do it, so can you

Section 5: What to Do When


Unit 5.1 - What-To-Do-When Scenarios

How to negotiate some common problems that arise with Twitter marketing

Section 6: Resources and Final Thoughts


Unit 6.1 - Twitter Marketing Resources

Some further resources to supplement the course


Unit 6.2 - Final Thoughts

Conclusion to the course


Pricing is for 12 months access.

*The AUD price shown above is an estimate. Actual charges are based on the current exchange rate from GBP



  • Required: none
  • Suggested: Microsoft Excel, Numbers or equivalent. Google Docs or Microsoft Web Apps could also be used.

Completion Time: 12 hours (average)

About the Author

Doru Catana is the founder of AudaciousLeap, an innovative and award-winning creative agency managing hundreds of brands in tens of industries, ranging from notebook manufacturers in Australia, to tennis supplements in France to, most recently, high-end marketing courses. AudaciousLeap courses are based on over a decade of in-the-field experience, and utilise an extremely hands-on approach with actionable steps aimed at rapid and immediate learning and improvement. Doru and his team believe that all material should be constantly refined and improved, which is why all AudaciousLeap courses are monitored and adapted as their field advances.