Strategy & Business Models

Widespread strategic innovation means that businesses now face more complex and dynamic issues than ever before. Yet many businesspeople are still using outdated management theories and approaches based on static and expired business models.

This course is designed to equip professionals, entrepreneurs and established business owners with the ability to analyse, improve and create new business models that work and are grounded in 21st century strategic thinking.

Whether you need to pitch your new business case, reposition your market or predict your next big growth trajectory, this course will teach you how to deliver effective, scalable and transferable business models.


Using a variety of images and media, by the end of this course you will have learned:

  • How to think strategically
  • How Strategy has changed in the 21st Century
  • How to recognise, develop and execute successful strategy using business model frameworks
  • How to identify the drivers of Strategy formulation using Megatrend analysis
  • How to adopt a dynamic strategic approach to deal with 21st Century continuous change
  • How to turn your idea into a business model prototype
  • How to construct a value proposition that works
  • The importance of customer centrality in business models and value propositions
  • How to personally deliver better results in company brainstorming sessions


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Section 1: Introduction / Overview

Unit 1.1 - A Brief Discussion on Strategy and How it Has Changed in the 21st Century

Section 2: Defining 21st Century Strategic Thinking

Unit 2.1 - What is Strategy?

Unit 2.2 - Defining 21st Century Strategic Business Model Thinking

Unit 2.3 - Section Plenary

Section 3: Equipping Yourself for the 21st Century Business Environment

Unit 3.1 - 21st Century Business Environment - Mega trends

Unit 3.2 - 21st Century Strategic Drivers

Unit 3.3 - Section Plenary

Section 4: Business Model Design

Unit 4.1 - The High Level Structure of a Business Model 

Unit 4.2 - Crafting Effective Value Propositions

Unit 4.3 - Customer Facing Segments

Unit 4.4 - Infrastructure Segments

Unit 4.5 - Business Model Environment

Unit 4.6 - Validation and Testing of Business Models Using Entrepreneurship

Unit 4.7 - Section Plenary

Section 5: Applying Strategy and Business Models

Unit 5.1 - Business Model Patterns for Developing Strategy

Unit 5.2 - Business Model Brainstorming

Unit 5.3 - Section Plenary

Section 6: Summing it All Up

Unit 6.1 - Course Summary

Unit 6.2 - Course Plenary


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  • Required: none

Completion Time: 15 hours (average)

About the Author

Anna Shaw

Anna is a Strategy and Innovation Consultant at Lucency, based in Sydney, Australia. She has 20 years experience appraising strategy, finance and business models. This experience has been derived from working across multiple industries in the UK, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, for globally based financial institutions, servicing some of the world’s leading corporations. Her broadly based skillset includes strategy and innovation, finance, risk governance, economics, general management and business development.

Anna has an insatiable curiosity about how ingenious business models are created, executed and evolve. Her core focus is on training people in all types of businesses (from start ups, new ventures and established firms), how to turn their sensational new growth ideas into value propositions that delight and business models that work.