Start Your Own Business Course

Take the first steps to becoming your own boss by taking our Start Your Own Business course

Making the transition from employee to employer is a challenge, however our online course will help you on your way to starting your own business. Whether you wish to open an online ski wear store or launch a cake decorating business, there are some fundamental principles and practices that will help you achieve business success. From building customer loyalty to negotiating terms with suppliers to setting up accounting to organizational structures, our course spans a syllabus of that is broad and informative.


Taught through engaging text, videos tutorials, practical exercises, templates, as well as bonus units from our other best selling courses such as Excel and Web Design. All this means that your learning experience is maximally efficient, interesting and effective.



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Section 1: Foundation

Unit 1.1 - What Makes a Good Entrepreneur?

Unit 1.2 - Defining Your Business

Unit 1.3 - Organizational Structure

Unit 1.4 - Picking Your Target Market

Section 2: Finances

Unit 2.1 - Product and Price Strategy

Unit 2.2 - Money Needs

Unit 2.3 - Are Your Finances Sufficient?

Unit 2.4 - Funding Sources

Unit 2.5 - Setting up the Books

Section 3: Technology, Legality and Premises

Unit 3.1 - Technology

Unit 3.2 - Choosing a Location

Unit 3.3 - Legal Issues

Unit 3.4 - Designing Offices / Stores

Section 4: Purchasing, Management and Customers

Unit 4.1 - Purchasing Products

Unit 4.2 - Hiring Staff

Unit 4.3 - Managing People

Unit 4.4 - Getting and Keeping Customers

Unit 4.5 - Social Media and the Digital World

Section 5: Profit Management and Strategy

Unit 5.1 - Managing Your Profits

Unit 5.2 - Strategic Planning

Unit 5.3 - Seeking Help

Section 6: Business Expansion

Unit 6.1 - Buying an Existing Business

Unit 6.2 - Acquiring a Franchise

Unit 6.3 - Starting an Online Business


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  • Required: none

Completion Time: 12 hours (average)

About the Author

Lita Epstein, MBA


Our author Lita has an outstanding reputation for clearly explaining financial, management and marketing concepts to business audiences. She has written this course with a practical focus explicitly in mind. We have overlaid her writings with some further practical examples and downloadable templates by our own in-house writing team. The course is also updated with responses to customer requests and updates in the world of business - you get all this for free.


Lita’s notable work to date: