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Successful selling is key to a thriving business. Face-to-face sales training taught once a year just doesn’t cut it in today’s tough business environment.


Whether you are an aspiring salesman or an experienced professional looking to stay ahead of the curve, our online course is designed to provide you with a practical toolkit you can apply to your day-to-day routine. We ask you to take a short diagnostic at the start so we can tailor the course for you. We then teach through beautifully illustrated and engaging text, videos, exercises and sales templates. Our users even get direct access to Course Author Ben Kench (see below).


All this means your learning experience is maximally efficient, interesting and effective. Start learning today. Achieve certificated proficiency within a month.




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Section 1: Introduction


Unit 1.1 - Introduction

Introduction to us, the author Ben Kench and the approach we take with the course; What sales is all about; Similarities and differences across different industries.


Unit 1.2 - Reputation of a Salesman

Who/what is the typical salesperson? Why he has this reputation; Some practical ways to break yourself (and the industry) free of this unwelcome stereotype.

Section 2: Markets and Buyers


Unit 2.1 - The Seven Sales Steps

Description and explanation of the Seven Selling Steps (SSS) and why they are important; Preparing for meetings, warming up, pricing, closing, aftersales - all summarised.


Unit 2.2 - Different Markets and Buyers

Different markets including B2B and B2C; Face-to-face buyers; four buying personality types described along with corresponding sales approaches.


Unit 2.3 - Market Research

Importance of market research to support sales; Why-who-how-where?; Methods of research including internet research, surveys, focus groups and less formal methods.


Unit 2.4 - Right Mindset

The power of positive thinking with practical examples; Knowing your product / service; The elevator pitch with a worked example; Why it’s ok to get it wrong.


Unit 2.5 - Marketing

The difference and relationship between marketing and sales; Discussion of: mail, online, social media, networking and events, referrals, existing customers, etc.

Section 3: Meetings and Relationships


Unit 3.1 - The Meeting

Importance of meeting rather than calls / emails; Securing your meeting and getting past the gatekeeper; What to wear / image; Who should attend?; Preparation and persistence.


Unit 3.2 - Building Better Relationships

Know. Like. Trust; Importance of emotions ; The benefits of sharing stories and secrets with examples; What to research / send in advance of a meeting.


Unit 3.3 - Better Questions

Two ears, one mouth; Open-ended questions; Feeding it back; Emotive questions; Involvement questions; Making conversation over holding an interrogation.


Unit 3.4 - Presentations

Is it necessary? How to make this decision; Death by PowerPoint - the cliché; Preparation and making it specific; Keeping it simple - why and how; Part of the conversation.


Unit 3.5 - Credibility

Timing with respect to the rest of the meeting; Overcoming fear of risk; Using testimonials and case studies - why and how; how to bring them to life by making them visual.

Section 4: Pricing and Sales


Unit 4.1 - Pricing

It's all about money in the end; Freebies / freemium; To negotiate or not?; Timing; Knowing the competition; Strategy and tactics; Flexible pricing - benefits and drawbacks.


Unit 4.2 - Closing

It’s now or never – ask! Strike whilst the iron is hottest, understanding value versus price; Agreeing terms and negotiations; Responding to 'No'; Consolidating the sale.


Unit 4.3 - Aftersales and Referrals

When to stop selling and why; Up-, Cross- and Add-On selling; If you don't ask…; When to ask; Sowing before you reap; Incentives - good or bad?

Section 5: Technology


Unit 5.1 - Using Technology

Build a S.Y.S.T.E.M; CRM software benefits; benefits of technology for market research; Video conferencing is easy; Webinars and screen shares; Sales 2.0.


Unit 5.2 - LinkedIn Overview

What is LinkedIn? Your profile; Each element of your profile and how to do it right; Staying current; Sales Navigator and paid-for services; Tips and tricks.

Section 6: Approach and Techniques


Unit 6.1 - The Bigger Picture

Some practical tips for managing your time more efficiently and effectively; Big, effective goals; Small, effective goals; Further reading.


Unit 6.2 - Sales Jargon Discussed

The Good, the Bad and the Closing; Choice architecture; Consultative selling; tenders; Old school techniques discussed; Various types of closing.


Unit 6.3 - Business Math Refresher

Why math is important in business; Practical approach taken here; Rounding; Negative numbers; Powers; Percentages; Using the basic calculator - tips and tricks.


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About the Author

Ben Kench


Our author Ben Kench is one of the leading small business growth experts and business coaches in the UK with over 20 years of sales experience behind him. He has a reputation for sharing his knowledge and expertise to audiences with energy, igniting motivation as well as helping people to develop the functional skills that they need to grow in their careers. We have overlaid his writings with further practical examples and downloadable templates by our own in-house writing team. The course is also updated with responses to customer requests and updates in the world of sales as well as offering on-going, one-on-one online access to Ben - and you get all this for free.