PCs for Beginners Course

Get the most out of your PC and technology at home!

With technology seemingly taking over every aspect of life, why does it often seem to make life harder than easier? Because we're not using it properly!


This online course - written by Dan Gookin, author of many titles on computers, tablets, smartphones and more - will explain how to become a domestic technology guru and save yourself and your family time, money and IT despair!




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Section 1: The Basics


Unit 1.1 - A New Computer

Covers a new computer, how to buy one, which parts are important, and how to migrate to the new system.


Unit 1.2 - What's Inside The Box

Discover your PC. Learn about Windows versions, software and hardware in the computer, and how to ensure you got what you paid for.

Section 2: Settings and Software


Unit 2.1 - Starting Up & Shut Down

Turn on your PC, log into windows, manage accounts, and learn startup options. Also learn the proper way to shut down the system.


Unit 2.2 - Display Settings & Options

Use the computer display to the best of its abilities: Set resolution, arrange the desktop, choose a screen saver, even add a second monitor.


Unit 2.3 - Software & Programmes

Learn all about software, those computer programs you use to get work down. Install, download, manage, multitask, and customize the applications in your PC.


Unit 2.4 - Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Explore the wide range of useful keyboard shortcuts. Navigate through programs quickly without ever touching a mouse. Discover the secret of the PrtSc key.

Section 3: File Management


Unit 3.1 - Creating Files

Get to know the files on your computer, those information containers you create, save, open, and close. Work the Save As dialog box and practice some handy file organization tips.


Unit 3.2 - Storage Basics

Discover how storage plays a role in your computer. Get to know the different types of storage, how its measured, and where folders play a role.


Unit 3.3 - File Management

Practice managing files, individually or in groups. Select, move, copy, rename, and create shortcuts. Get to know file details, including the extension.


Unit 3.4 - Locating Lost Files

Learn how to work the powerful Windows Find command. Bring back lost files, find files by name, type, and size. See how deleted files can be restored.


Unit 3.5 - Printers & Printing

Explore the world of printing, from installing a new printer to finding printers, to using network printers. Master the Print dialog box, deal with printer jams, and troubleshoot printer issues.


Unit 3.6 - Digital Images

Survey the world of digital images. Learn about file types, getting graphics into the computer, editing images, managing your photos, and sharing images with others.


Unit 3.7 - Safety Copies

Get to know the world of backup, creating safety copies of your valuable files. Configure a local backup or go online for Internet backup solutions.

Section 4: The Internet and Networking


Unit 4.1 - Local Network Assistance

Master the local network. Discover the various network pieces. Learn how to setup and configure Wi-Fi. Share files and folders across the network.


Unit 4.2 - Internet Help

Get a leg up on your Internet connection by studying the connection types. Solve some printing puzzles, learn some search tricks, and keep track of all your online passwords.


Unit 4.3 - Cloud Based Programmes & Apps

Explore the cloud and be able to access your email, contacts, appointments, and more from any computer or device connected to the Internet. Use online programs to boost your productivity.


Unit 4.4 - Cloud Storage & Sharing Files

Discover the benefits of online storage. Access files from the Internet. Learn how to share links to your data and synchronize files across multiple devices.


Unit 4.5 - Email Management

Learn the differences between webmail and traditional email. Coordinate all your email in one place. Organize messages into folders or mailboxes.

Section 5: Miscellaneous


Unit 5.1 - Device Sharing

Share your pictures, videos, and music with other devices across the local network. Discover how to share media between your PC, phone, tablet, or even HDTV.


Unit 5.2 - Malware Detection & Prevention

Guard your computer against Internet threats, viruses, Trojans, and spyware. Defend Windows by using the Action Center. Add a firewall and keep Windows up-to-date.


Unit 5.3 - General PC Troubleshooting

Become familiar with common PC troubleshooting techniques. Learn how to fix simple problems, discover the cause of crashes, and kill of stubborn programs.


Unit 5.4 - Family Friendly Computing

Enjoy the benefits of a kid-safe computer. Properly configure a child’s Windows account. Set up access restrictions. Keep Junior safe on the Internet.


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Completion Time: 12 hours (average)

About the Author

Dan Gookin


Dan Gookin is technology expert and author, having written over 135 titles on computes, programming, cell phones, and numerous other topics. Dan combines his love of writing with his gizmo fascination to create books that are informative, entertaining, and not boring. That his books have sold millions of copies and been translated into over 30 languages, is a testament to the success of his approach. Perhaps his most famous book is the original DOS For Dummies, published in 1991. It became the world's fastest-selling computer book, at one time moving more copies per week than the New York Times #1 bestseller (though as a reference, it could not be listed on the NYT Bestseller list). From that book spawned the entire line of For Dummies books, which remains a publishing phenomena to this day.