Ever feel restless, anxious or stressed? This mindfulness course covers various meditation techniques to strengthen and retrain your mind to combat these feelings.

Mindfulness is a meditative technique that helps you concentrate and focus. It is a tool to help you combat negative emotion and escape feelings of restlessness and boredom. Mindfulness can be applied to anything in your daily routine, from interacting with family, friends or other halves to work, revising and sleeping.

Regular mindfulness training will allow you to clear your mind of potential negative thoughts and feelings, which can impair your judgement. This course with help you to retrain, strengthen and centre your mind giving you tangible ways of dealing with everyday stress and anxiety.


Using a variety of images and media, by the end of this course you will have:

  • Discovered the 'mindfulness trigger'
  • Learned to concentrate on your breathing
  • Identified new ways to meditate and improve your health
  • Developed an awareness of your self and others
  • Improved the way you manage your work and your awareness
  • Expanded your focus and reflection skills


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Section 1: Introduction to Mindfulness Training


Unit 1.1 - What is Mindfulness?

Discover mindfulness training and how it can help improve your life

Section 2: Awareness and Meditation


Unit 2.1 - The Body Scan Meditation

The body scan meditation provides methods to apply mindfulness to your daily routine.


Unit 2.2 - Sitting Meditation

This meditation helps you identify your feelings, perceptions and attention.

Section 3: Mindfulness Training and Practice


Unit 3.1 - Mindfulness Training Exercises

These exercises will teach you how to stay in the moment and to avoid distractions.


Unit 3.2 - Practice Mindfulness

Practice your mindfulness ability to meditate.

Section 4: Mindfulness and Emotional or Physical Pain


Unit 4.1 - Mindfulness and Emotional or Physical Pain

Learn how to ease the suffering of pain by becoming the watcher of the pain, with a mindful awareness.

Section 5: Course Ending


Unit 5.1 - Conclusion

Conclude your new understanding of mindfulness meditation.


Pricing is for 12 months access.

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  • Required: none

Completion Time: 5 hours (average)

About the Author

Libby Seery

Libby Seery is a psychotherapist, counsellor and therapeutic life coach who specialises in the therapeutic use of technology. She is the founder of the Renaissance Life Therapies Training Academy, an online school offering a bespoke learning experience.

Libby runs a world-recognised practice in Harley Street, London, and practises both in person and online. She is published in her own right, and supervises the training of other doctors and therapists in areas of counselling and self-development. Her work has given her the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life, including referrals from charities and high profile global clients.