Leadership and Management

The quality of an organisation’s leadership and management is critical to its success. This is true at team, department, and organisation level. But what’s the secret to that quality? How do you ensure it throughout the organisation? How do you become an excellent leader and manager yourself?

As with any professional skills in medicine or law, the skills of leadership and management can be learned and practised; and this course is specifically designed to help you do just that, whatever your role in the organisation.

Its three main sections - (1) delivering stability and growth; (2) managing staff performance; and (3) developing your own effective style - provide the insights and practical steps you need to lead and manage your team, department or organisation with true professionalism.


With its focused combination of written material, videos and visuals, completing this course you will:

  • Understand your organisation in detail
  • Use this understanding to set strategy
  • Make strategic decisions based on this strategy
  • Build a set of core values and a brand
  • Get people to buy into these values and brand
  • Develop staff skills across the organisation to deliver your objectives
  • Lead and manage with charisma, integrity, conviction and support


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Section 1: Introduction


Unit 1.1 - Introduction

An introduction to the importance and approach of the course

Section 2: Delivering Stability and Growth


Unit 2.1 - Strategy

Explains how to set a clear strategy and how to make strategic decisions


Unit 2.2 - Money

Covers financial planning, budgeting, turning a profit and managing investments


Unit 2.3 - Environment

Explains how organisations operate within external environments, how those environments can be analysed advantageously, and how to lead and manage sustainably


Unit 2.4 - Change

Discusses the nature of change, how to manage change, and globalisation and technological change


Unit 2.5 - Risk

Discusses the nature of risk, how attitude and behaviour affects risk, and how to manage risk


Unit 2.6 - Section Plenary

A video summarising the section

Section 3: Leadership & Management Style


Unit 3.1 - Personal Effectiveness

Discusses building networks and the core aspects of good leadership and effective management


Unit 3.2 - Communication and Culture

Explains how to communicate and how to change organisational culture


Unit 3.3 - Section Plenary

A video summarising the section

Section 4: Managing Performance


Unit 4.1 - Ethics

Discusses the ethical issues and obstacles faced in leadership and management


Unit 4.2 - Organisational Structure

Explains how approach structuring an organisation and how to change the structure of an organisation


Unit 4.3 - People

Discusses behaviour, attitudes and stakeholders


Unit 4.4 - Maximising Performance

Covers setting direction, coaching and managing as a leader or manager


Unit 4.5 - Section Plenary

A video summarising the section

Section 5: Conclusion


Unit 5.1 - Conclusion

A conclusion, including a video, to the course


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  • Required: none

Completion Time: 15 hours (average)

About the Authors

Richard Pettinger

Richard Pettinger is Principal Teaching Fellow (Reader) in Management Education at University College London (UCL), where he is the director of the undergraduate and graduate programmes in information management for business, in the UCL Department of Management Science and Innovation.

Richard is the author of over fifty books and numerous papers on all parts of the subject of management. His research interests are privatisation and restructuring, the effects of organisation and human behaviour on decision taking in organisations, and the development of a professional and agreed body of knowledge and expertise for the ‘profession of management’.

Richard is visiting professor of management at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland. He continues to research write and consult with companies and organisations of all sizes and in many different sectors. He regularly is asked to join panels and conferences as keynote speaker, conference and session chair and expert contributor.

Chloe Daniel

‎Chloë has run and helped set up a number of businesses - a specialised education consultancy, a network for high achieving graduates, an innovative online job referral platform and a publishing business. Her expertise lies in management, structuring start ups, and getting brilliant ideas off the ground. Her parallel focus right now is writing a series of education books and growing her publishing business. Chloë studied History and German at Oxford University and started her career at an internationally renowned literary agency.