Introduction to Web Development

Discover a new digital skillset and build your own website

We all use websites, but so few people know how to actually build the web. Become part of the web elite with Introduction to Web Development, and learn the key code and skills to design and build your own website.


In this course, you will learn about:
    •    The parts of a website and how they are accessed
    •    The proper semantic structure of HTML
    •    HTML tags, lists, how to embed media, and more
    •    The box model of CSS
    •    The various properties of CSS to better display your HTML


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Course Content

Course Content

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Section 1: Getting Started

Unit 1.1 - Intro

Section 2: HTML

Unit 2.1 - Basics

Unit 2.2 - HTML Elements

Section 3: CSS

Unit 3.1 - Intro

Unit 3.2 - CSS Elements

Section 4: Conclusion

Unit 4.1 - Conclusion


Pricing is for 12 months access.



  • Required: None.

Completion Time: 6 hours (average)