Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses Course

Facebook is everywhere and is expanding as we speak. With no start-up costs, Facebook’s potential as a marketing, branding and networking tool is truly enormous. Utilising Facebook is indispensable as a business; to ignore it is to be left behind. But whilst many business people know this, most fail to maximise Facebook’s marketing potential. 

This course was written by people with extensive Facebook-marketing experience. It will teach you, in just a few hours, how to transform Facebook from a chore, into a tool that gives you the freedom and ability to launch and manage tailored marketing campaigns that deliver hot leads, clients and help grow your company.


Through a combination of animated videos, screencasts and written text, the course will teach you how to launch a successful Facebook-marketing campaign by:

  • Creating a page and making that page shine
  • Creating professional content
  • Installing powerful Facebook apps and integrating custom tabs to your Facebook page
  • Launching and running your first Facebook Ads campaign
  • Interpreting and analysing data to assess and amend your Facebook-marketing campaign using a weekly routine
  • Leveraging the power of real-time marketing
  • Learning from successful businesses through inspiring and realistic case studies
  • Learning how to handle a variety of common marketing-campaign problems


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Course Content

Course Content

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Section 1: Concepts and Strategy


Unit 1.1 - The Ws of Facebook Marketing

An introduction to the 6 Ws of Facebook marketing: Why, Who, Where, When, What and How 


Unit 1.2 - Why Should You Even Be on Facebook as a Business?

The reasons all businesses should be on Facebook


Unit 1.3 - Who Is on Facebook and How to Determine Your Audience Size

The demographics of Facebook, what this means for you, and how to determine your audience size


Unit 1.4 - Where are People When on Facebook?

What mental state are people in when they use Facebook, and what does this mean for how you should use Facebook?


Unit 1.5 - When to Take Action When it Comes to Facebook Marketing

When to start Facebook marketing, when your target audience are on Facebook, when to pitch products and when you will see benefits


Unit 1.6 - What Type of Content to Create (Strategy & Structure)

What type of content to create, and how to organise that content


Unit 1.7 - How to Take Action and Start 

An overview of how the course will teach you to actually use Facebook to apply the 6 Ws theory

Section 2: Hands-on Implementation


Unit 2.1 - Creating a Page

How to create a Facebook page for your business


Unit 2.2 - Making That Page Shine

How to make that page stand out in a professional manner


Unit 2.3 - Installing Some Apps

An overview of some of the powerful Facebook apps available for installation


Unit 2.4 - Custom Tab Integration

How to integrate custom tabs with your Facebook page


Unit 2.5 - Creating a Weekly Routine

The importance of weekly reassessments when marketing on Facebook


Unit 2.6 - How to Create Actual Content

The ways in which you can create Facebook content, and some guidelines for doing so


Unit 2.7 - Your First Facebook Ads Campaign

How to launch and manage your first Facebook Ads campaign!


Unit 2.8 - How To Interpret and Analyze Insights Data

How to use Facebook Insights to analyse and interpret data to optimise your marketing campaigns

Section 3: What to Do When


Unit 3.1 - What-To-Do-When Scenarios

How to negotiate some common problems that arise with Facebook marketing

Section 4: Resources and Final Thoughts


Unit 4.1 - Facebook Marketing Resources

Some further resources to supplement the course


Unit 4.2 - Final Thoughts

Conclusion to the course


Pricing is for 12 months access.

*The AUD price shown above is an estimate. Actual charges are based on the current exchange rate from GBP



  • Required: none

Completion Time: 5 hours (average)

About the Author

Doru Catana is the founder of AudaciousLeap, an innovative and award-winning creative agency managing hundreds of brands in tens of industries, ranging from notebook manufacturers in Australia, to tennis supplements in France to, most recently, high-end marketing courses. AudaciousLeap courses are based on over a decade of in-the-field experience, and utilise an extremely hands-on approach with actionable steps aimed at rapid and immediate learning and improvement. Doru and his team believe that all material should be constantly refined and improved, which is why all AudaciousLeap courses are monitored and adapted as their field advances.