Basic Programming for Marketers

Learn how the web works, how to use tools like Terminal, Git & GitHub, and how to install and use Open Source Libraries.

This course covers a variety of areas that are core to you becoming a technical marketer. If you want to start hacking together clever solutions to problems or start talking more intelligently about technology, this is the perfect foundation.


This course is for aspiring Digital Marketers who want to start learning the technical side of their art.
    •    Web tech works so you can talk about it more intelligently with developers
    •    Apps, software, and programs are built
    •    The back-end of Facebook works
    •    To navigate your computer using text entry in the Terminal
    •    To access common programming languages like Python and how to script with it
    •    To add new libraries and functionality to your system
    •    To share and download code using Git and Github


Course Content

Course Content

Course Content

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Section 1: Start Here


Unit 1.1 - Welcome to Basic Programming for Marketers

Meet your instructors and begin your course.

Section 2: How Web Tech Works


Unit 2.1 - How Web Tech Works

Discover the stack, platforms, servers, software, and identify how code is used to build software.

Section 3: Using the Terminal


Unit 3.1 - Using the Terminal

Navigate your way around the Terminal, inputting code to change. edit, and move files.

Section 4: Adding Libraries


Unit 4.1 - Adding Libraries

Use libraries to install and run python.

Section 5: Git and Github


Unit 5.1 - Git and Github

Discover an invaluable open source area for programmers.

Section 6: Basic Programming for Marketers


Unit 6.1 - Bonus Content

Get your free copy of the 'Become a Technical Marketer' eBook.


Pricing is for 12 months access.



  • Required: This course is relevant to all web tech, however Terminal is only available on Mac OS X.

Completion Time: 4 hours (average)

About the Author

Justin Mares & Nat Eliason

Justin Mares formerly ran growth at developer tools company Exceptional (acquired by Rackspace in March of 2013). Nathaniel Eliason works on the marketing team at Zapier where he supports their content marketing division, writing blog posts and ebooks related to startups, internet marketing, and productivity.