Advanced Digital Photography Techniques

Looking for the next big step in digital photography? This online course – written by Ken Schultz will take you beyond the basics to a more advanced creative shooting!

Level up your photos with Advanced Digital Photography Techniques! This course, designed to be easily digestible will equip you with advanced knowledge and techniques any professional photographer should know!

By the end of the course, users will learn how to:


This fantastic package includes:

  • Hours of video content
  • 720p High Quality Video
  • Techniques and Tricks from an expert
  • Focus on Advanced techniques
  • Includes: Photo editing, macro photos, timelapse, HDRI and many more methods.


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Section 1: Getting Started


Unit 1.1 - Introduction

This unit will introduce you to to the course and the foundations of photography.

Section 2: Let's Get Creative


Unit 2.1 - Better Portraits

This unit will show you how to take better portraits using correct lens, lighting and flash.


Unit 2.2 - Night Photos

This unit will teach you the key elements for night photos, creative white balance and how to take photos of fireworks.


Unit 2.3 - Nature

This unit will guide you to take correct photos of common nature settings.


Unit 2.4 - Macro

This unit will introduce you to marcos and its use in an indoor and outdoor setting.


Unit 2.5 - HDR Imaging

This unit will answer "what is HDRI?", how and when to use HDRI.


Unit 2.6 - Time Lapse

This unit will show you how to take Time Lapse shots.

Section 3: Image Editing


Unit 3.1 - Image Formats

This unit will introduce you to image editing and standard Image formats


Unit 3.2 - Basic Editing - Local & Online

This unit introduces you to basic editing, using some local and online solutions.


Unit 3.3 - Advanced Editing

This unit builds upon the previous module by teaching you advanced editing techniques.


Unit 3.4 - Photoshop Actions

This unit teaches you photoshop actions.


Unit 3.5 - Lightroom 4 Tutorial

This unit will guide you through a Lightroom 4 Tutorial to add drama to a photo.

Section 4: DSLR Video


Unit 4.1 - Video Introduction

This unit introduces you to taking videos using a DSLR, its pros & con and possible future.


Unit 4.2 - Video Basics

This video will go through the basics of taking DSLR videos correctly.


Pricing is for 12 months access.

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  • Required: none

Completion Time: 15 hours (average)

About the Author

Ken Schultz

Ken Schultz has been a Photo enthusiast since 1980, when he received his first SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera, He went on to pursue Zoology and Marine Biology in his further studies and focused, specifically, on Dolphin Communication, a choice giving him ample opportunity to find the perfect shot.

He and his wife started a wedding business soon after. He handled the photo and video side of the business, gaining considerable experience using DSLR Cameras. A year later he started an online Photography business and online resource for beginners.

Not slowing down, Ken then created and a free e-book guide on buying your first DSLR. After demand for a unique DSLR course surfaced, he went about creating a Beginners guide to the DSLR, and published it online. Now, with both Beginners and Advanced courses, his DSLR lessons are online and conveniently accessible to all our users.