Workout Tracker, Calorie Counter… All in Excel

‘New year, new me’… how many times have you heard that? Or even said it yourself?

After overeating over the festive season, we were feeling guilty and began looking for redemption online. We found some useful Excel spreadsheets which could help you (and us!) stay fit this year.

1. Calorie Calculator

This simple but useful spreadsheet tells you how many calories per day you need depending on your age, gender, height, weight and lifestyle. It’s so simple that it provides you with an excellent guideline to smash your New Year’s resolutions and make 2018 successful.

Calorie Intake Calculator
Download the file here

2. Calorie Tracker

If you want to get serious about your eating habits and would prefer to track your calories with a spreadsheet rather than an app, this is going to become your best friend.

Calorie Tracker

Download the file here

3. Workout Journal

If you’re looking for a spreadsheet to track your 2020 gym routine, look no further than this workbook. It comes with six adjustable sheets that provide you with an extremely detailed overview to track your progress and stay on top of your gains.

Workout Journal

At first, the spreadsheet from the forum can look a little daunting but read through the first sheet which clearly breaks down how to use the workbook and it’s very simple from there onwards.

We’re big fans of the Stronglift app in the office but you can beat this workbook to provide you with an extremely detailed overview via easy to understand graphs. You can isolate your progress for each exercise too, enabling you to address any weaknesses in your regime.

Download the file here

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