Excel Challenge #1

This is the first in our series of challenges to put your Excel skills to the test. 

This week, we have a series of tasks to cleanse raw data and turn it into a formatted table. If you get stuck, just scroll below to reveal step-by-step instructions with helpful tips.

Download the raw data here, and complete the tasks below.


  1. Using the initial raw data, cleanse the Rating Column wherever there is 'NaN' to 'N/A'. Then, remove the '+' at the end of each Installs value. Finally, format the data in the Last Updated column in DD-MMM-YY (for example 01-Jan-21).

  2. Format the table so it is in a Blue, Table Style Medium 2 headed format and set the Table name to 'App_Data_New'.

  3. Sort the data so the Top Rated Apps are shown in descending order and exclude any Ratings which are 'N/A'.

The end result should look like the table below:

    Stuck on the tasks?

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