How to Add your Excel IQ Certificate to your LinkedIn profile


Congratulations on receiving your Excel with Business Microsoft Excel IQ certificate. You can now add this to your LinkedIn profile!




The Excel IQ™ is modelled on traditional and well-established means of IQ scoring (e.g. a score of 100 is ‘average’) and is an accurate and efficient method of assessing a user’s ability. It enables third parties (recruiters, managers, training teams) to objectively compare their staff or recruits, whilst giving Excel IQ-holders (students, employees) a meaningful, certified and recognised verification of their Excel skills.




By adding your certificate to your LinkedIn profile you are showcasing key skills, providing evidence of your Excel proficiency, as well as increasing the overall quality of your LinkedIn page – very relevant when recruiters search for candidates with certain skills and qualifications. The course provides you with a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) recognised certificate, which makes it even more valuable for viewers to see on your LinkedIn profile.


To upload your certificate, first log onto your LinkedIn profile here, and then click on ‘Edit Profile’, as displayed below:





If you haven’t already added a certificate to your LinkedIn profile, the option to do so should be available on the right hand side of your page:





Once you’ve selected this option, you then have the choice to type in the details of the certificate you wish to add to your profile. Type in the relevant details and make sure you copy and paste the URL link of your Excel with Business Certificate, as shown below.





The subsequent fields can be filled in with the following answers:


  • Certification Name – Microsoft Excel IQ
  • Certification Authority – Excel With Business
  • Certification URL – [your certificates URL is available directly after an Excel test or via your taken tests displayed at the bottom right of your course page]
  • Dates – [insert dates where applicable]



Like all our courses, the certificate doesn’t expire.


The License Number is recommended to be left blank for personal privacy reasons.





The EwB Team