5 Microsoft Excel Hardware/Software Add-Ons to Boost Your Productivity


Our latest blog post is from guest blogger Al-Chen, Co-Founder at KeyCuts – a range of Excel keyboard covers. Learn the most common Mac Excel keyboard shortcuts used by financial analysts, consultants, and top 10 MBA school students.


As we all know, Microsoft Excel is considered one of the most useful tools in the workplace. Excel gurus use keyboard shortcuts as if they were playing a piano, and can make Excel do some really wild things using advanced formulas and VBA scripting. However, if Excel is used incorrectly, it can seriously drag down productivity.


If you are comfortable with your knowledge of how to build formulas and program VBA, the only other variable you can control is speed. Here are the Top 5 Microsoft Excel add-ons (both hardware and software) that can increase your speed and thus productivity in Excel:


1) KeyCuts Silicone Keyboard Covers


These keyboard covers take learning Excel keyboard shortcuts to the next level. They guide you through the top 20 most commonly used shortcuts for data manipulation and formatting. One of the best parts about these keyboard covers is that they are made of thin flexible silicone, and slip on and off your Macbook keyboard with ease. The covers come in a variety of colours to add individuality to your Macbook. Spill crumbs or get dust on your keyboard often? These covers protect your keys from everyday use!



2) Excel Utilities


Not to be confused with ASAP Utilities, this handy add-on is meant for the power Excel user who is used to doing advanced operations but wants some extra keyboard shortcuts and buttons to quickly do advanced operations. Things like unhiding all sheets, unprotecting all sheets, and keyboard shortcuts for conditional formatting operations.



3) 4Keyboard Excel Stickers 


These are simple stickers you can paste onto your keyboard that show what the Excel keyboard operation is for a given key on your keyboard. For instance, the letter V has the word “Paste” on it letting you know that hitting CONTROL plus V lets you do a paste operation.



4) Analysis ToolPak


This is an add-on developed by Microsoft that’s been around almost as long as Excel itself! The add-on lets you do complex data analysis relating to statistics and engineering. Common statistical operations like finding regression, correlation, and sampling are reduced to seconds by utilizing this add-on with your data.


5) ASAP Utilities for Excel


Dubbed as “The most popular add-on for Excel users,” this add-on helps you shave minutes and hours from repetitive data manipulation tasks. Tasks that usually require formula writing are solved with the simple click of a button. Quickly remove leading, trailing, and excessive spaces from data that you’ve imported that contains tons of spaces. Quickly create a bunch of worksheets with auto-naming. Select cells based on content and formatting. The list goes on and on.



Let us know what you think of these add-ons!


The EwB Team