3 Steps to Create Powerful Presentations with Excel

There are simple things you can do in Microsoft Excel that can hugely impact your presentation style and help you create powerful presentations. These 3 Excel tips are easy to implement regardless of whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced Microsoft Excel user.

1. Be consistent

Make spreadsheets more understandable by applying a simple set of rules consistently to formatting. For example:

  • Use just one font.
  • Headings for groupings of data/formulae in bold.
  • Comments on your analysis in italics.
  • Shade cells with a colour key – e.g. raw data shaded grey, calculations green, results yellow.

2. Be smart

Use the order of Worksheets, and the layout of data and calculations on each Worksheet, to suggest a natural and logical flow through the spreadsheet (left to right, top to bottom). For instance, you can achieve a Worksheets flow from inputs (assumptions and raw data) through to calculation and then the results.

3. Be relevant

Make important data and results stand out:

  • Visually soften the non-data elements of graphs and tables. For example, make axes and gridlines the same colour but paler than the data points.
  • Set the ‘Print Area’ so that the important areas (and only the important areas) of a spreadsheet are printed. Make sure page boundaries are set sensibly so each page of printing makes sense in itself.

If you are unsure of your technical skills when it comes to making spreadsheets look good, our Excel online course will provide detailed training in: Cell Formatting, Number Formatting, Conditional Formatting, Graphs & Charts, Review, Page & Print Setup.

The EwB Team