About Us

Marc Zao Sanders, Vinit Patel and Chris Littlewood formed Excel with Business in 2009 to solve a problem close to their hearts – ineffective Microsoft Excel training. As Strategy and Management Consultants they understood the importance of being able to apply MS Excel skills in a business context.

Too many Excel courses were focusing on software functionality rather than how that was applicable in business. They taught everything, creating long, laborious courses – rather than focusing on the most business-relevant parts of Excel. So an idea was born:

An affordable, business-relevant Excel training course personalised to each person taking it.

The first Excel course quickly attracted over 100,000 users. Fast-forward a few years and we have expanded our focus. We improve personal productivity and help people achieve their career ambitions through a comprehensive library of Microsoft and Business training courses. The principles of getting the right training to the right user remains and has become more sophisticated through the introduction of the filter on many courses.

In fact, this journey led to the creation of our sister-company, Filtered. Filtered offers a corporate training solution – magpie – which uses advanced machine learning techniques to support company-wide change via personalised business recommendations. You can try magpie completely free here.


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Chris Littlewood

Chris Littlewood

Director of Data Science

We are a multinational team based in the heart of London’s vibrant tech scene – Shoreditch. Our team hails from England, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Romania, Colombia, Spain, China and the Phillipines, meaning we usually have someone who can help, no matter where you’re from!